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SharePoint Development & Migration

Sharepoint Implementation

Microsoft SharePoint implementation has revolutionized the way organizations store, manage, and collaborate. What started as a document collaboration tool has now been serving as an intranet and an efficient CMS.
It functions on a workflow basis wherein a user can use lists, databases, and other security features to enable the collaboration of their teams. A company can also control access to information and bring process automation to business units.
Since its inception, MS SharePoint has been providing new ways of collaboration and content management in the technical world. With its implementation, an organization will reap long-term benefits with better information sharing and management.

Types of SharePoint Implementation

There are three ways of implementing SharePoint in your organization:

  • SharePoint On-Premise: It is locally stored on your company’s server and is managed by your internal IT team. Your team will be responsible for updates, patches, and security control. One of the biggest reasons why companies prefer it is the ease of migration to higher versions. 
  • SharePoint Online: As the name suggests, it is the cloud version of SharePoint. Under this version, Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure hosts SharePoint farms and is also responsible for security patches and other such updates. Most companies prefer it because of its additional features and low infrastructure cost. 
  • SharePoint Hybrid: This configuration lets users take advantage of Sharepoint functionality while using SharePoint On-Premise. Also, a user can access content in both online and on-premise functionalities from a single place. 
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